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Expressing Our Authentic Selves:

Living in Love and Light


Automobiles signal when they become low on fuel or tire pressure and even alert when in need an oil change. Our bodies also warn us when something isn’t working.


Too often, we put off proper maintenance, sometimes standing by until it’s too late. Waiting to refuel when your tank is already empty is risky – we can’t always accurately gauge how much energy we have left – and can be destructive in the long run.


Serving others starts with serving our selves. When we prioritize our self-care, we improve our ability to keep serving. Here’s a simple self-service checklist to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual health by making sure your own basic needs are met:



Medication. Focusing on tasks we might usually do without much thought. (such as brushing our teeth, or chewing our food) is a great way to build self awareness and helps us to enhance or switch up routines.


Minimizing. Get rid of things that may take up unnecessary space in your life, an you will find more time and energy to devote to things you do enjoy.


  1. Minimize your closet. Turn hangers backwards on items you havn’t worn in over two weeks. If you find siome of these hangers aren’t turned back in two or three months, you may find them easier to get rid of.
  2. 2. Minimize the drama in your life. Being in constant contact with others can get overwhelming and is sometimes counter-productive. Disconnect from excessive communication by taking five minutes out of your day to turn your phone off and self-reflect. Think about how many people you frequently interact with that energize and inspire you! Schedule limited time slots to engage with those who drain your energy so you have moire time and energy.
  3. 3. Minimize your task or goal list. Limit your lists to things you can realistically complete given a specific time frame, and dedicate your energy to fully completeing the items on your list. If you finish early, make a new list!


Breathing exercises. Taking 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of our day to breath mindfully and feel each part of our body working is a good way to familiarize ourselves with our bodies and he3lps

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